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Tremain Artaza: Members of Texas Employment Lawyer’s Association


Tremain Artaza PLLC is proud to state its affiliation with the Texas Employment Lawyer’s Association (TELA). The employment discrimination attorneys at Tremain Artaza are active members and contributors to TELA. We are honored to be associated with employment practitioners of the highest reputation and school, and we are proud of the work that TELA performs on behalf of employment attorneys and employee rights across the State of Texas.

What is TELA?

TELA is a voluntary bar association of employment attorneys who represent Texas employees rather than companies. The organization was founded in 1992 and remains dedicated to the promotion of employee rights and judicial enforcement of those rights. TELA and its members stand opposed to all forms of discrimination and illegal conduct in the workplace. TELA provides resources for employment attorneys as well as employees who face unlawful and improper conduct in the workplace and are in need of representation.

TELA Stands at the Forefront of Racial Justice

In addition to being a prestigious organization representing the highest order of legal practitioners in the State of Texas, TELA is an entity that stands for equality and justice before the law. As TELA made clear in a recent statement, TELA and its members stand strongly in opposition to those who perpetuate racial discrimination and inequality. TELA has issued an open letter demanding lawmakers take measures to implement systemic change to meet the current moment of racial inequality.

These measures include eliminating the judge-created doctrine of qualified immunity, which shields law enforcement officers from facing justice when they violate the rights and the safety of citizens. TELA also demands elimination of summary judgment in racial discrimination cases to ensure that juries, not judges, can hold companies and governments liable for systemic racism and discrimination.

We live in especially turbulent times. Actions by large corporations and even by our federal government serve to threaten the principles of equality. Progress in eliminating employment discrimination is more important than ever, and we are proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to opposing inequality. As TELA states: Black Lives Matter. We stand with workers facing discrimination in the workplace and other places in their lives, and we stand with TELA.

If you have faced discrimination in a Dallas workplace or anywhere in northern Texas, you can rely on the passionate and effective employment discrimination attorneys at Tremain Artaza PLLC for advice and representation. Call our Texas workplace discrimination legal team today at 469-573-0229 for a consultation.

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